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[collection name]: Double Flag coin made in Hunan Province


Collection category: Coins


[collection quantity]: one piece


Collection appreciation: in the past decade, coin collection has always been the focus of the coin market in various regions. As a non renewable resource, although the value of market circulation has been lost with the evolution of history, it has also maintained its original charm due to the rarer and rarer quantity of life and precious historical value and value of appreciation, showing a very high "value". Especially the Qing Dynasty and Republic of China coins, which are close to the present history, are loved by the collectors and buyers because of their well preserved and exquisite layout. Copper coin is a large category in coin collection. The market of coin trading mainly based on mechanism currency is rising. The double banner coins of the Republic of China occupy the above advantages and become the focus of many collectors.


On December 29, 1910, after the revolution of 1911, the representatives of 17 provinces who had recovered elected Sun Yat Sen as the provisional president of the Republic of China in Nanjing. On January 3, 1912, the government of the Republic of China announced the establishment of the Qing Dynasty, which marked the end of China's two thousand years of feudal autocracy. After the founding of the Republic of China, due to the fact that the monetary system had not yet been established, other mints began to continue the coinage format of the former Qing Dynasty to produce copper and silver coins for the purpose of rectifying the monetary system and circulation. At the beginning of the founding period of the Republic of China, the coins with ten or twenty characters were widely circulated. Because of the limitation of time and region, the initial casting quantity was not much, and after such a long time, the quantity of coins in the world was very rare.


The central design on the front of the coin is a cross national flag with iron and blood 18 star flag on the left and five color flag on the right. The middle is tied with a ribbon, and the flag is flying. There is a five pointed star decoration above the two flags. Outside the circle, there are four characters of "Republic of China" in regular script with long branches on both sides. What we can see is that the grain of Jiahe in the bead circle on the back of the coin is different from other normal coins, but it is 90 degrees from the front ° This deviation is extremely rare in the Republic of China, where the coining technology has been well-developed. Its upper and lower edge rings are in English. This coin has exquisite design, fine workmanship, rich decorative patterns, reasonable layout, distinct layers, smooth and elegant lines, perfect workmanship and high artistic value. The whole coin is made of high-quality copper material. The coin is well preserved, with natural wear marks. The slurry is natural and mellow. It has high collection value


In the antique market, the investment in the collection of ancient coins is attracting a large number of investment lovers with its unique charm. The news that the auction price of rare ancient coins has reached new highs often comes out from coin auctions all over the world. The price of coins in the antique market is determined by the number of coins in the world; It depends not only on the age, the length of circulation, but also on the amount of existence. Wrong version of the Double Flag coin has become a popular collection in today's collection industry, some of the wrong version is even fried to a high value! The extremely limited circulation of the misprinted Double Flag coin means that it will become a legend in the collection field, and also has a very obvious historical transitional feature, which has an indescribable collection value

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